This is a blog I put together to compile information about technologies I like to pay attention to. Though it can be argued that these are desperate times, I’d say there is also tremendous opportunity.

There are new choices at hand. They deserve our attention, and we need to spread the word and edify the creative community that gave rise to their existence.

The purpose of this blog is way beyond politics. We have the freedom focus on a better future. One that is cleaner, smarter, and offers our children hope. Let’s use that freedom and the free market to move the most innovative, sustainable and earth-friendly choices into the forefront and create a tomorrow¬† we can proudly reminisce.

This initiative, sponsored by Ron Paul and Barney Frank, will allow American farmers to grow safe, sterile hemp.


Algae Cleans Industrial Smokestack Waste

“Ancestral algae feed on toxic smokestack gasses and sunlight then release clean gasses and renewable energy.”